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Safety Unit – NSN 1005-99-962-9197



Description: Safety Unit – NSN 1005-99-962-9197

Where a remote firing GPMG is an operational requirement e.g. in aircraft pod and remote weapon mount installations, the Safety Unit L1A1, Electrical Firing Unit No.1 Mk.1 and Recoil Buffer Mk.2 are required.

Once modified to L7A2, the standard L7A1 GPMG will accept the Safety Unit L1A1 and is designated the L44A1 GPMG.

The Safety Unit L1A1 is a rectangular metal box housing a solenoid and solenoid plunger. Power supply is via a 3 pin Hellerman type connector and an external lever is for manual operation during non-powered firing, maintenance drills and stoppage clearance.

Function: Safety Unit – NSN 1005-99-962-9197

Should a malfunction of the remote fired L20A2 or L44A1 GMPG occur, leaving the gun in a dangerous condition, a sprung pin within the Safety Unit L1A1 is released into the breech mechanism immediately upon firing button release, thus preventing the weapon from accidentally firing through subsequent platform vibration and stoppage clearance.

In the fail safe/unpowered condition, the sprung pin of the Safety Unit L1A1 interrupts the final locking of the breech block by stopping the gun lock lever articulating downward, preventing the breech from closing.

Quality assurance & obsolescence management

Each Safety Unit L1A1 manufactured by AEI Systems is hand built and mechanically and electrically function tested. Customers are encouraged to witness acceptance testing prior to dispatch for total ‘peace of mind’.

Obsolescence management guarantees total supportability of all Safety Unit’s supplied by AEI Systems now and long into the future.


Other variants are available, contact us for more details


Screw hexagon head (wire-locking); 10-32 UNF-2B (3 off – not supplied)

Electrical power supply
Power input;23.5 to 28 VDC
Solenoid coil resistance;72 ohms
NSN 1005-99-962-9197
AEI Part No.AEI-10260
Data sheet

GPMG Safety unit 1






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