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DSEI London 2023

Cutting-edge innovations from SYS Group of Companies to be Showcased at DSEI 2023 London for the First Time. DSEI 2023 London attendees will be given an unprecedented opportunity to explore a diverse array of world-class products and engage with representatives from the newly expanded SYS group of companies including CANiK, UNIROBOTICS and the recently acquired...
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Important Announcement

“Managing Director Simon Angel is delighted to announce that Turkish defence conglomerate Samsun Yurt Defense (SYS) has completed an 80% investment into AEI Systems. SYS, owner of the CANiK pistol brand, already produce their own version of the 12.7mm M2HB as well as being in the process of developing their own range of Remote Weapon...

VENOM LR 30 mm – Production Gun Te...

VENOM LR; Salisbury Plain 14Oct21; 12 rounds @ 1,300 spm pulling from a vertical belt of 26 rounds See on Linkedin More ...

VENOM LR IDEX 2021 on the EOS Stand, UAE...

VENOM LR at IDEX 2021 on the EOS Stand in the UAE Pavilion

VENOM LR Production

AEI Systems is now back up and running after the Covid-19 lockdown. Followers may be interested to know that work has already started on the manufacture of the production version of VENOM LR. Even though the production version will be visually similar to the prototype gun it is, in fact, a ground up new design....

BIDEC 2019

Thank you to all our visitors at BIDEC 2019. It a was great opportunity for Simon Angel MD of AEI Systems to meet up with existing and potential customers. We were delighted with the response to VENOM LR.

VENOM LR 30 mm Firing trial on EOS R400S...

Another successful UK firing trial for VENOM LR installed in the EOS R400S MK.2  Single RWS.


Massive interest created by first public showing of VENOM LR (low recoil) in the UK at  DSEI 2019. See link

VENOM LR – low recoil 30 x 113 mm ...

From Janes Defence.

VENOM Successful Firing Trial

VENOM LR (Low Recoil) 30 x 113 mm Gun test fired successfully in the UK, July 2019. Recoil force reduced from 22 kN mean to 7 kN max, making VENOM LR a non-ITAR alternative for RWS land and naval installations. The weapon is displayed as a stand-alone exhibit and integrated to Valhalla’s Midgard 300 Lite...

VENOM at DSEI 2019

AEI Systems will be exhibiting at DSEI 2019 on stand S4-160 AEI Systems are world-leaders in the design, development, test and manufacture revolver and reciprocating bolt cannon systems for Air, Land and Naval based applications. DSEI 2019 sees the launch of our new VENOM LR 30 x 113mm gun displayed in the latest VALHALLA MIDGARD...


Great interest in VENOM at SITDEF Peru, 2019 L to R Eng S. Casanave - CEO Disenos Casanave Corporation Gen Huerta - Minister of Defence Gen Garcia - Chief of Air Force Gen Celiz - Chief of Peruvian Army Tweet

Janes’- Venom spits fire at Idex 2...

Venom spits fire `{`IDEX19D1`}` Venom spits fire `{`IDEX19D1`}`

AEI Systems’ VENOM 30 IDEX 2019 showcase

AEI Systems’ VENOM 30, integrated into Valhalla’s Midgard 300 Mk.1 RCWS on the International Golden Group stand included in the showcase IDEX Video.

IDEX 2019 VENOM 30mm update

VENOM 30mm at IDEX 2019 on stand 04-C20 Valhalla’s ‘Midgard 300 Lite’ remote control weapon station can be viewed on IGG’s stand 04C20. Fitted with AEI Systems’ VENOM 30mm Gun; less than 10 kN recoil force, low profile, high angle of elevation and low through life cost, Valhalla’s dynamic sales staff warmly welcome all enquiries....
AEI Systems' VENOM 30, integrated into Valhalla's Midgard 300 Mk.1 RCWS,

IDEX 2019 update VENOM 30mm

Midgard 300 Lite VENOM 30mm at IDEX 2019 on stand 04-C20 Valhalla’s latest RCWS, ‘Midgard 300 Lite’ with VENOM 30 mm gun installed, will be displayed at IDEX 2019, UAE Pavilion, on the International Golden Group’s stand 04-C20. After successful UK firing trials (Oct18), the re-engineered Midgard 300 Lite has reduced mass and simplified ammunition feed....

AEI Systems’ VENOM 30 firing trial singl...

AEI Systems’ VENOM 30, integrated into Valhalla’s Midgard 300 Mk.1 RCWS and using EXPAL’s 30x113 mm TP ammunition. This video demonstrates VENOM 30,  firing 5 single shots in slow succession to demonstrate single shot capability

AEI Systems’ VENOM 30, integrated into V...

AEI Systems’ VENOM 30, integrated into Valhalla’s Midgard 300 Mk.1 RCWS and using EXPAL’s 30x113 mm TP ammunition, test fired successfully 16-17th Oct18 on Salisbury Plain, UK. This video demonstrates the system firing a 10 round burst at 220 spm
AEI Systems' VENOM 30, integrated into Valhalla's Midgard 300 Mk.1 RCWS,

AEI Systems’ VENOM 30, integrated ...

AEI Systems' VENOM 30, integrated into Valhalla's Midgard 300 Mk.1 RCWS, was test fired for the first time 16-17th Oct 18 on Salisbury Plain, UK. The trial was a complete success, with the gun firing single shot, 220 spm and full auto 1,300 spm using EXPAL 30x113mm TP ammunition. This exciting project now progresses to...

Military Systems & Technologies

      This is the November 2013 edition of Military Systems & Technologies Digital Magazine featuring AEI Systems. Select the image link below to view the newsletter.                                   Clicking the Download button will open this data sheet in...

AEI Systems are pleased to announce the ...

Barrel Manufacture The barrel and venturis will be manufactured at AEI’s production facility at Ascot, Berkshire, UK (see barrel manufacture)   About the AE84-RCL The AE84-RCL is a man-portable, reloadable multi-role Recoilless Rifle designed to fire Mecar’s M540/M550 series range of 84 mm ammunition. Other 84 mm ammunition types are compatible with the AE84-RCL. The...

ASPEN 30 mm

                        AEI Systems develops ASPEN 30 mm cannon system, based on the ADEN cannon.


CANIK Arms at IDEF 2023


IDEF 2023

VENOM LR IDEX 2021_Moment(3)-web1080x1920G-270-web1080x1920G-270

Beyond the Boxter 50 cal- Think Defence



AEI Systems will be displaying VENOM LR at DSEI 2021. The 'production ready' VENOM LR can be viewed in the Australian Pavilion mounted to an EOS R400S Mk2 Single RWS. 10 guns have been manufactured for integration to numerous RWS platforms and UK test firing. VENOM LR's latest product brochure can be viewed and downloaded...